Construction Rehabilitation

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Renovation, Rehabilitation, and Restoration

Here at IEGS, Corp we are experienced at making the most of any building rehabilitation, renovation, or restoration project. Our staff of trained professionals will manage your project with highest levels of care and expertise.

Experience Counts

When it comes to rehabilitation, experience counts. Many of these projects require careful planning and execution to be successful.

Planning to Completion

Our team at IEGS, Corp can be involved from the initial planning phase to completion if needed. We know how to avoid costly delays.

Manage & Consultation

At IEGS, Corp we also able to manage and consult on a wide range of rehabilitation and restorations projects; from civil to private.

Construction Renovation Projects

Renovation is used interchangeably with rehabilitation, but is a building that is like new, rather than one that is fully repaired. Renovation usually includes replacement of the entire elevator, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems as well as revamping of exits, fire separations and structural systems to meet new construction codes. Roof replacement and repair or replacement of exterior enclosure elements such as walls, windows and doors also are frequently part of a renovation.

Construction Rehabilitation Projects

Rehabilitation is generally considered to be less substantial than renovation even though it usually involves repair of all the building’s basic systems and elements of construction. Repair may include replacement or strengthening of deficient or damaged structural elements. Repair of leaks and damage to roofs and exterior walls, windows and doors also are typically included. Frequently, moving parts of elevators, mechanical, electrical plumbing and fire protection systems are overhauled, rebuilt, or replaced.

Construction Restoration Projects

Restoration project attempts to restore a building to its original condition or to its condition at a certain date. Decisions are generally made based on historic data, early photographs, or original architectural documents.

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