Construction Management

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Your Construction Management Team

In the role of your construction manager we at IEGS, Corp will provide you with effective management of your project's schedule, budget, regulatory requirements, and so much more. The following are just some of the roles we will play as your construction management team

Mangage Your Project

As your construction manager we will oversee the entire project directly for you, the owner, from early development to completion.

Manage Regulation

Oversight of regulations can be time consuming. Our team of experts knows how to navigate current regulations like a pro!

Manage the Budget

As your construction management team, we will help oversee your budget and help control your project costs.

Manage Functionality

If a project is not fully functional, it goes nowhere fast. We check functionality in each phase of the project to ensure continuity.

Manage the Scope

At IEGS, Corp we know that scope creep is a drain on your resources and budget. We make sure projects remain within scope.

Industry Sectors

At IEGS, Corp we have worked on both public works and private projects. Commercial, residential, industrial, and heavy civil.

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