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Public works, state, local, and Federal jobs required strict compliance when it comes to labor and contracts. Here at IEGS, Corp, we understand how to navigate the complex world of contract and labor compliance. Don't get bogged down trying to figure all the regulations out for yourself. We are here to help! Our work will cover, but not limited to:

Contract administration

We review contracts, your operations, help manage outcomes, monitor compliance, and help resolve any disputes with your contracts.

Develop a Plan

We create a carefully mapped out plan and track compliance with government contracts & labor force standards for peace of mind.

Labor Compliance

As your labor compliance administrator, we will review the requirements, advise, and help your company comply with regulations.

Risk Assessment

If brought in early enough, we can review proposed contracts for risks and potential non-compliance issues before it is signed.

Payroll Overview

We will administrator and submit your WH-347 forms weekly to the agency overseeing your government contact.

Industry Sectors

At IEGS, Corp we have worked on both public works and private projects. Commercial, residential, industrial, and heavy civil.

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